Natural blend of herbs


Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Natural antioxidant and benefits cognitive ability

Bee Pollen: Improves metabolism, reduces cravings and helps lower bad cholesterol

Beet Root Powder: Enriches blood

Bitter Orange Fruit: Stimulates metabolic rate

Bladderwrack: Increase the body's ability to burn fat

Choline Bitartrate: Essential nutrient that aids in the breakdown of fat for energy use

Chromium: Reduces body fat, helps build lean strong body muscles, lowers elevated cholesterol and reduces elevated blood sugar in diabetics.

DMAE: Improves memory and energy

Foti: Beneficial for liver, kidneys, pancreas spleen and blood

Garcinia Cambogia: Reduces cravings: increase metabolic process

Gingko Biloba: Inhibits water retention; enhances cellular energy: strengthens the heart; oxygenates the blood; prevents clotting; improves brain function and memory retention; fight free radicals, and boost neurotransmitter

Ginger: Increase circulation, aids in metabolism of dietary nutrients

Ginseng: Increase energy

Glucuronolactone: Improves mood, alertness and memory recall

Guarana: South American bean. Increase sexual performance

Green Tea: Helps with thermo genesis: aid in metabolism of fat

Hawthorn Berries: Called the heart herb

Kola Nut: Improves energy and alertness, strengthens the heart

L-Phenylalanine: Amino acid proven to increase energy and fight depression

L-Tyrosine: Helps fight fatigue and speed up metabolic rate

Malic Acid: Important to the production of energy in the body and helps eliminate metal toxicity

Niacin: Benefits cardiovascular system

Royal Jelly: Rich in vitamin B, essential amino acids and minerals

Saw Palmetto: Improves digestion and increase assimilation

Taurine: Helps fight fatigue and aids in lowering bad cholesterol

Vitamin B-6: Immune system health and aids in protein metabolism

Vitamin B-12: Essential energy

White Willow Bark: Contains salicin which the body converts to salicylic acid, performing the same role as aspirin without side effects

Yerba Mate: Acts on sensory organs to reduce food cravings

Yohimbe Bark: Potent fat burner and rejuvenates

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