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Enerviv is an amazing natural food supplement to lose weight and make money today.


How do I take Enerviv?
Enerviv should be taken as a dietary supplement. Take (1) capsule in the morning with your breakfast. Make sure to drink plenty of water to complement and improve weight loss process.
Does Enerviv have any side effects? There are no reported negative side effects. Enerviv is a proprietary blend of natural herbs and minerals that deliver real results.   Do I need to exercise in order to see results?
No, Enerviv will do all the work for you. But if you choose to exercise, it will only be an additional benefit to your health.

 Does this pill contain any caffeine? Yes, Enerviv contains naturally occurring caffeine. Contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.   Is Enerviv Safe?
Yes, Enerviv has been tested to be safe and efficient for any adult 18 years or older. Enerviv is manufacturer in the USA in GMP (good manufacturing practices) facilities that are compliant to FDA regulations. There are no dangerous or unlisted ingredients in Enerviv.    If you are using a prescription drug, or have a medical condition or pregnant and nursing, consult a health care professional before using Enerviv. Enerviv is children, only for adults 18 years or older. Keep out of reach of children.

 Do I need to eat a special diet to see results?
No, Enerviv will suppress your appetite, speed up your metabolism and make you thirstier. You will eating less and drinking more water without even realizing it.

For how long can I use Enerviv? You can take Enerviv for up to three months and then take a break. Resume using the diet supplement until you reach your desired weight or size.

How do I become a distributor?
Becoming a distributor is very easy, click here to find out more.

What is the recommended dosage I should take of Enerviv?
Take 1(one) capsule with a glass of water in the morning before or after breakfast for best results.

If you decide to take two capsules a day, start by taking one for the first 7 days and then increase to the second capsule after the seven days. Take the 2nd capsule 5 hours later, WITH FOOD.
Note: For those who work day time hours, take no later than 3:00 p.m. Do not exceed more than two capsules in a 24 hour time period.


What does Enerviv Actually contain?
Enerviv is a proprietary blend of herbs formulated to make you lose weight, suppress appetite and have more energy. Prepared from all-natural herbs and nutrients that have been used for centuries effectively for the purpose of slimming and beauty.
What can Enerviv do for me?
Enerviv provides a completely smooth weight loss process that helps you control your impulses safely and effectively. Enerviv is the safest and most effective weight loss solution in the market today.   Why is Enerviv better for me than other commercial diet pills?
Commercial diet pills work very well for loss weight by absorbing body fat, but that's about it. Enerviv is the ultimate, all-natural herbal supplement, and it’s safe and free of harmful side effects. Enerviv is also extremely effective and works on almost everyone. On the other hand, most popular diet pills that we have seen advertised, may produce similar results but also carry unpleasant negative side effects and contain dangerous unlisted ingredients.